Company Overview

Prime Medicine was founded to bring the promise of gene editing to patients. We use Prime Editing, a next-generation technology that can “search and replace” to restore normal genetic function almost anywhere in the genome. Prime Editing searches to find the precise place in the genome to edit and replaces the segment of faulty DNA with a correct copy of DNA.  A single Prime Editor can correct the individual mutations found across patients, meaning Prime Editing can potentially address more than 90 percent of known disease-causing genetic mutations.  

We envision a world where this technology can cure, halt, and ultimately prevent genetic diseases, providing lifelong benefit to patients.  Prime Medicine offers the opportunity to shape the future of gene editing and transform how medicines are used to treat disease. Realizing the promise of Prime Editing requires a talented team with diversity of viewpoints and expertise. We’re building a group of dedicated, scientifically curious individuals who are passionate about helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

Position Overview

We are seeking an experienced Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) to join our rapidly growing company. This role will report to a newly appointed Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). This role will join an already established HR team who have been pivotal in creating an employee experience that attracts employees to Prime and motivates our current employees every day. The HRBP will be critical in helping to build a company where employees can do their best work, learn, and grow.

As a start-up biotechnology company, the HRBP will be able to help build and execute on HR-related solutions, policies, and procedures. The HRBP will also serve as a "culture ambassador", ensuring Prime Medicine has a strong employer brand and provides an exceptional employee experience. Given the organization’s growth, the HR team need to be forward-thinking to ensure processes/infrastructure is sustainable and scalable.

The successful candidate will act as a champion, strategic partner, and coach for the business functions. Therefore, building trust and relationships with leaders, employees, and the HR Team are critical to success. The HRBP will be able to weigh in on business decisions and ensure consideration of the effect on people.  

 Key Responsibilities:

  • Problem Solving: Works with managers to help solve people related issues whilst keeping in mind setting precedence, employee, and business needs. This includes partnering with internal and external HR/ business experts such as employee relations, compensation, leadership development, benefits, succession planning, employee development needs, etc.
  • Coaching: Provides coaching, with our company values in mind, to executives, managers, and employees, with an emphasis on helping the person determine/provide what their options are for each situation.
  • Talent Management: Partners with Talent Acquisition and the business functions to identify current and future talent needs Participates in interviews for key positions. Helps achieve the best hiring decisions in a rapidly growing organization.
  • Learning: Support functional leaders to define, and address employee development needs with learning partners (internally and externally). Partner with Quality and IT to synergize on the employee experience as it comes to learning.
  • Onboarding and Organization Assimilation: Partners with hiring managers and the HR Team to support successful onboarding of new leaders and managers. Given the growth pace, assimilation to the new teams will be critical. In addition, always checking the organizational structure is ‘fit for purpose’ along the way.
  • Total Rewards and Recognition: Works with internal and external compensation and rewards partners to keep informed on the market intel on total rewards and recognition. Manage, with the functions, the annual pay for performance, market adjustments, and other reward and recognition programs in place and as needed. Develops and supports creative ways to reward and recognize employees.
  • Employee Engagement: Drive and develop robust ways to measure employee experiences in Prime and engagement level. Cultivate and manage activities that help embed the company values across all people practices.
  • HR Team: Is an active contributor and leader for the HR team that shares best practices and balance the needs of their own roles with the needs of the overall business. Is comfortable presenting to the organization on HR initiatives. Confident in conducting sensitive meetings between managers and employees confidentially.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline or HR related discipline; advanced degree such as MBA, or Master’s in Organization Development or Human Resources is preferred.
  • Minimum 8-10 years’ experience in high performing HR teams and holding HRBP role(s).
  • Knowledge of the biopharmaceutical business and comfort in interacting with scientists and deep technical experts
  • Excellent collaborator in partnering with talent acquisition on talent development, compensation, employee performance management, and coaching
  • Proven ability to take initiative, get things done, and prioritize
  • Ability to take a step back and do a root cause analysis of presenting symptoms, and then to use supportive data to deliver pragmatic solutions are critical for success in this role.
  • Experienced in performing quantitative and qualitative data analysis and being familiar with a variety of technology, systems, and data.
  • Must have learning agility, be able to deal with ambiguity, change directions, and find new solutions with changes as they approach the business.   
  • Have confidence in openly negotiating and influencing others, demonstrating courage and the ability to effectively push back with leaders with data driven and logical rationale. Can identify the “win-win” that can achieve all party’s needs.
  • Significant understanding of HR legal & compliance requirements and advising leaders in these areas.
  • Demonstrate credibility, integrity, and trust. Naturally collaborative

Prime Medicine is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or any other classification protected by law.

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