Prime Medicine is powered by groundbreaking technology.

Developed in the lab of Dr. David R. Liu at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Prime Editing was published in Nature in December 2019. Prime Editing was immediately recognized as a major technological advance in gene editing, with the potential to overcome fundamental barriers that have prohibited existing gene editing approaches from addressing most genetic diseases.

Prime Editing galvanized a group of leading academics, company builders, investors and advisors to advance the promising technology for the benefit of patients.


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Both Prime Medicine and Beam Therapeutics are separate companies that each emerged from the laboratory of Dr. David R. Liu. Sharing many common interests, Prime and Beam have built a partnership to form a collaborative approach to fighting disease and accelerating the development of Prime Editing to deliver therapies for patients. In the areas of partnership, Prime Medicine and Beam share research, expertise, and intellectual property for assays, know-how, delivery, and manufacturing.