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Prime Editing


Prime Medicine™ was founded to bring the promise of gene editing to patients. We use Prime Editing, a next-generation technology that can "search and replace” to restore normal genetic function almost anywhere in the genome. Prime Editing searches to find the precise place in the genome to edit and replaces the segment of faulty DNA with a correct copy of DNA.

We envision a world where this technology can cure or halt, and ultimately prevent genetic diseases, providing lifelong benefit to patients and shaping the future of gene editing.



Prime Editing has the potential to address more than 90% of known disease-causing mutations. Versatile, precise and efficient, Prime Editing can correct almost all types of gene mutations and make edits that modify an array of gene-regulatory sequences in therapeutically relevant cells and organs.


Prime Editing is a technology that acts like a DNA word processor to “search and replace” disease-causing genetic sequences at their precise location in the genome, without causing double-strand DNA breakage.



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Realizing the promise of Prime Editing requires a great team. Prime team members are dedicated, scientifically curious and passionate about helping patients live longer, healthier lives. A career at Prime Medicine is an opportunity to shape the future of gene editing.